Remote Virus Monitoring

CC Media is able to provide your business with the safe knowledge that our help desk is automatically alerted if your computer gets a virus, cannot remove the virus automatically or the anti-virus software fails.

If your software is disabled or encounters an error, then you may not be aware of it.  The software we recommend allows us to monitor remotely and if errors occur then we are notified.

Sometimes client PC’s get infected with viruses and the client is either unaware of it or they ignore the warning messages.  In each of these cases the infected PC is putting your data and business at risk.  Through our monitoring we are alerted to these issues and we can then act on them and resolve the issue quickly.


  • To provide high performance business level anti-virus
  • Configure anti-virus to perform better for your business
  • Configure alerts to our help desk
  • Pro-actively monitor alerts and respond quickly