Remote 24/7 monitoring

CC Media offer pro-active monitoring.  This monitoring includes –

  • In-house server up time
  • Cloud / Internet hosted server up time
  • Workstation / Laptop up time
  • Website up time
  • Virus infection alert
  • Backup completion / Failure alerts

By centralising your monitoring services, you are able to ensure that all critical services are monitored.  If an error occurs then an email can be sent to us, your IT team, yourselves or even text message to on call teams.  Up time is important, if your webserver is offline then you could be losing potential sales or inquiries.

If your monitored device isnt critical to your business 24/7 it can still be invaluable to know that its offline and the issue will have to be dealt with as soon as possible.  This not only allows you to ensure that the correct IT response is planned and ready but also allows you to communicate the down time to colleagues and clients.

Remote monitoring is very low cost and can easily repay for it’s self if downtime is minimized by it.  If you include CC Media’s IT support plans, then we can ensure that our team tackle the issue quickly and efficiently, with minimum inconvenience to your business and clients.

If you currently already have an IT company that deals with your IT services, how do you know if you’re getting value for money?  We know that some businesses have an IT team or company that looks after things when they go wrong, however do you know how many times a month your servers go offline? how long is spent not providing services to your staff or clients per month?

It’s hard enough to try and work out how much time servers are off line for that run 24/7/265.  What is harder is getting an accurate and honest figure from your current service provider.

With our service we are able to produce monthly reports showing downtime and duration’s.  Armed with this information you are then able to see if you have the required level of support for your business or value for money.

Low Cost

Low cost service that provides a professional 24/7/365 monitoring service.

Any size business

Any size business from 1 person up wards can benefit from this service.

Value for money

Ensure you are getting value for money for your IT team, ensure outages are dealt with urgently.

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