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Exchange email allows businesses to communicate and share information quickly and easily.

CC Media provide a fully supported email exchange service to your business.  We provide a consultancy service that allows us to specify what your requirements are, purchase any domain names required, configure the required email accounts, and provide ongoing support.

Exchange based email allows you to provide mailing groups, shared calendars and tasks between you, your staff and your customers.  Easily create appointments, share the details, invite customers to attend and share agenda information with a few clicks of a mouse.


We provide 3 services to your business.

  • We can provide consultancy only, we will provide all the information you need to have your own exchange system up and running.  We will provide pricing and expertise to configure and install your chosen system and then we hand over the running to yourselves.
  • We can provide your own in-house exchange based system.  This will run on a server based in your office or out on the cloud.  If you chose an in-house solution then you (or we can) manage the security, user access and allows big emails to be sent to staff within the office without slowing down the internet connection.
  • We can provide a full cloud based exchange solution.  This is fully hosted on the cloud and allows staff to connect to the server where ever they are in the world.  By hosting your server fully on the cloud it can be administrated 24/7 without having to visit your office if there are issues.

Professional Exchange based email services

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